David Arribas is a documentary and freelance photographer based in Madrid. Spain. Interested in anthropological-social reporting.  I seek to document the life forms of the evironment around me that interest and inspire me. I´m studying self-taught photography and attending courses and seminars. Visura member since 2017.

At the moment, I  dedicate myself to the accomplishment of photographic works of long route related to social projects and  human character.

                                                                             AWARDS AND HONOURS.

2018   International Photographer of the Year (IPOTY). / Third Place. Photojournalism  Story

2017  Dofoto Slovakia Documentary Contest. / Documentary project. Finalist. 

2017  Urban Photo Contest  /  Portfolios. Finalist

2017   Grant Photon-Festival. / Documentary project. Finalist. 

2017   Kolga Tbilisi Photography Festival / Selected  on Documentary  Project. 

2017   International Photographer of the Year (IPOTY). / Third Place. Photojournalism  Story.

2017  Monochrome Photography Awards. / Double Honorable Mention Photojournalism.

2016    International Photography Awards.  (IPA). / 2nd Place in a documentary essay.

2016 Moscow International Foto  Awards.  (MIFA). / Honorable Mention. People-Life Style.

2016   Photography Grant Magazine. / Nominee in Story.

2016  Tokio International Foto  Awards.  (TIFA). / Honorable Mention in Editorial  Photo-essay.

2016  Kolga Tbilisi Photography Festival. / Selected on Photojournalism and Documentary Photography.

2015    Santa María de Albarracín Meeting Foundation scholarship grant winner . Spain